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everis foundation participates in the first virtual fair of employment and training of Madrid City Council

everis foundation participates in the first virtual fair of employment and training of Madrid City Council

Foundations and leading companies of the sector have met to discuss the possibilities of dynamizing the labor market after the serious consequences of the COVID-19.

everis foundation, in its commitment to digital transformation to recover employment, increase productivity and reduce the gap between supply and demand, has participated in the first virtual fair of employment and training organized by the Employment Agency of the Madrid City Council

The fair, in which the multinational everis has also participated, was held in online format on July 8 to reflect on the future of employment after the COVID-19, analyze employment opportunities in the business network of Madrid and offer spaces for applications for vacancies and scholarships. The Foundation's intervention was in line with the fair's objective of sharing professionally-inspired experiences that promote training and employment in the environments where they have an impact. 

Karla Alarcón, Managing Director of the everis foundation, has analyzed the labor context derived from the COVID-19 and how its consequences have accelerated the demand for new jobs that, today, do not find trained professionals, as is the world of programming. "In the post-pandemic world, digital skills that were once an option have now become an obligation. And that is what we want to promote since everis foundation: to put technology at the service of those who really need it", says Alarcón. 

Esta transformación digital acelerada por la pandemia ha ratificado el objetivo de la Fundación desde hace varios años de impulsar iniciativas que fomentan el talento y que no se limitan al momento exacto de la búsqueda de empleo activo. Algunas de ellas empiezas desde edades tempranas como, por ejemplo, los Talleres Play and Make It! que fomentan las destrezas digitales para acercar a los más jóvenes al mundo de la programación con contenidos lúdicos y pedagógicos o el Programa Púlsar de mentoría para fomentar el talento de adolescentes. 

This digital transformation accelerated by the pandemic has ratified the Foundation's objective for several years to promote initiatives that encourage talent and that are not limited to the exact moment of the search for active employment. Some of these begin at an early age, such as the Play and Make It! workshops, which promote digital skills to bring young people closer to the world of programming with playful and educational content, or the Púlsar mentoring program to encourage teenage talent. 

In addition, it is working on other initiatives that promote employment such as the Developers School, an intensive training program for employability in the most demanded programming languages to provide companies with the qualified talent they require for their development and sustainability and the Digitization Program for micro and SME's


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