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everis foundation expands its Púlsar Program in Brazil through a partnership with Educafro

everis foundation expands its Púlsar Program in Brazil through a partnership with Educafro

The program, which promotes the inclusion of girls through the mentorship of female leaders in various spheres of society, will now benefit, in addition to kids from public schools, those associated to the social institution. Furthermore, all training and mentoring meetings will take place digitally.

The everis foundation in Brazil will start the mentorship of the Púlsar Program, which contribute to the inclusion of girls in the job market, and now is partnering with Educafro, a social institution that brings together volunteers and beneficiaries in favor of a greater upward social mobility to the Afro-Brazilian population. Another piece of news is that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, all interactions (trainings and meetings) will take place exclusively online, and will have the extra support of “godmothers,” everis female professionals who will act alongside the other leaders in orienting and following the evolution of the teenagers.

The Púlsar Program is a reference in its field of action, which has made it the recipient of the award for Social Work by the Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce two years ago. Its intention is to develop skills, such as personal and social abilities, idea-generation and selection, communication, autonomy and personal initiative, among others. It lasts seven months and, in each session, a specific goal is approached.

In its fourth edition, it has benefitted 36 girls, who study in Brazilian public schools. “Due to the characteristics of this initiative, we were looking for a respected entity to become our partner. We have chosen Educafro for its integrity and complementarity, as it fights to increase the upward social mobility of Afro-Brazilians, through their entrance in public and private universities in the country”, explains Antonio Carlos Valente, President of the everis foundation in Brazil.

To Friar David Santos, the person responsible for Educafro, in a society with severe socioeconomic issues like those of Brazil, it is important to join forces in order to help those less fortunate to have more upward social mobility, contributing to close the gaps in equality, not only in financial terms but also concerning gender. “For that reason, this partnership with the everis foundation is a great opportunity for 15 girls from Educafro to increase their knowledge and share life experiences with women who have stood out in their respective fields this year. This will help to open new horizons to their future careers”, points out the manager of Educafro.

The participants of everis foundation’s Púlsar Program have the chance to talk about their life experiences and the experiences of the female executives, whose mentorship is based in the “learning by doing” methodology, oriented towards the promotion of curiosity, exploration, discovery, interaction and networking. “This way, the mentors can bring out the talents of the teenagers, while also encouraging them to complete their studies and formal education, motivating them to be the protagonists of their own destiny”, points out Valente.

Through this partnership, the Púlsar Program will benefit 42 girls and young women in 2020, who will be individual mentored by 42 female executive leaders in the education, business, economy, health, and social inclusion fields, among others, and will have their progress followed by the 21 everis “godmothers. “It is a significant increase, as until 2019 there were 36 mentored teenagers, whose professional and personal development was striking, as they became more empowered and broadened their marketability in their respective industries”, tells the president of the everis foundation.

The everis foundation has the mission of supporting and developing talent, motivating entrepreneurship and innovation, contributing to the discovery and practical utilization of skills though educational and scientific projects. “By connecting teenagers to a network of influential women to help them discover and develop their potential, Púlsar helps the participants to reach their professional aspirations and use their own talents, motivating them to invest in their studies, through formal education, without limiting their goals to any gender condition” concludes Valente.



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